6 things you’re doing wrong when buying a used car & how to buy right



"Did you know that a new car loses about 25% of its retail value the moment you drive it out of the showroom?"


This means that if you buy a car for R200 000 brand new, as soon as you drive it, it is now worth R150 000 in just a few kilometers.


That’s why choosing to buy a second hand car compared to a new one is often a cheaper and wiser choice if you are looking to save money.


But, there are a few things that everyone needs to know about buying a second hand car because buying a car that breaks down the moment you buy it from a private seller - could end up costing you thousands of rands in repairs.


Because we care about you and your money, we have put this list together of 5 mistakes people make when looking to buy a second hand car - and how to avoid them!


  1. You get hooked


When you are buying a car, don’t let the seller (whether they are a friend or a dealer at a shop) hook you into buying a certain car because you really like them as a person.


Remember - you are buying the car, not a relationship with someone.


You need to make sure that the car is in good condition and not be sold on what someone tells you.


Drive the car, get a second opinion. Get it checked by a mechanic. Do what you need to to know it is the right choice.


It’s important to also make sure you don’t get hooked on a specific model of car because you loved it as a kid or someone rich you know owns one just like it.


Think practically and think about your budget and needs for the car. Don’t go and buy a fancy sports car if you drive on a dirt road.


2. You only look for cars in your area


If you live in a city then you are likely to only look at cars and dealerships near you.


But here’s the kicker…


Cars from small towns around your city are less likely to have been in accidents and haven’t taken as much wear and tear damage from constantly stopping and starting in traffic.


People selling their cars outside of major cities are also less likely to receive a whole bunch of offers, so you will be able to negotiate with them on a price.



3. You work out costs and figures in your head


You are not a human calculator. Get that straight right now.


It might be easy to get an understanding of costs such as increased petrol consumption of a new car, the costs of repairs and finances  - but you need to sit down and work out the exact costs to know you can afford the car you want to buy.


It’s easy to miss something when working out the costs in your head.



4. You don’t insist on the car’s paperwork and service book


A car’s service book is the BOOK OF LIFE. You need to insist that you have this and take a good look at it to see the service history of the car you are interested in.


The paperwork of a car will also ensure that it wasn’t stolen.


5. You don’t get the car inspected


Unless you are working as a mechanic, you will need some help when it comes to checking the health of your car and engine.


It’s basically like taking your car to a doctor for a check up - making sure all the parts are working.


You should never feel as though you are crossing a line when asking to have a car you want to buy inspected.


There are a number of mechanics and companies that will inspect your car for you.


This ensures you aren’t making a bad purchase and any issues you may have missed from test driving it will be picked up.


6. You don’t get your car insured


Car insurance is something that can save you thousands if not hundreds of thousands when your car gets in a bumper bashing or major accident.


Bumps and bruises happen to everyone’s car.  And so do car accidents.


You might be the best driver in the world, but you can’t control what other drivers do and how they drive.


But having affordable car insurance you are covering yourself from future unseen costs.


FYI - if you are looking for car insurance that


●     Is affordable and easy

●     Let’s you choose the amount of cover you want and at the price you can afford

●     Doesn’t ask for vehicle inspections

●     Insures you in just one minute


Then have a look at Oneplan - we make insurance simple. Because who has the time for the legal stuff - right?



Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,



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