7 Gross things that happen when you don’t go to the dentist and why you need health insurance


Here’s what happens when you don’t look after your teeth and how you can now afford to!

"We get it - who has the time or the cash to visit the dentist - right?"

The thing is…

 Going to the dentist is actually pretty important.

Imagine being sick for months and never going to your doctor? The same thinking applies to your teeth.

Here are the gross things that can happen if you don’t see your dentist once a year…


Hint - we chat about affordable health insurance in a bit:

1. Buildup of bacteria and germs

The biggest thing that happens when you don’t see your dentist is that germs and bacteria start to buildup on your teeth - this happens to everyone.

This can result in bad breath, infections and other issues from bad oral health.

Even if you floss and brush your teeth every day - this cleaning only removes a thin layer of plaque (bacteria and germs).

You need to get your teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year.

2. Your teeth start to breakdown

What starts as a small hole in your tooth can lead to toothache, rotting teeth, infection and eventually - tooth loss!

Unhealthy teeth don’t last long. And don’t forget - these are the only teeth we get in life!

3. You might lose a tooth - or two!

"It’s not only older people who lose their teeth!"

Cavities, infection and a range of other issues can result in tooth loss.

Say goodbye to those pearly whites when you don’t visit your dentist in a while!

4. You can get gum disease - and it’s serious

Gum disease can be very serious.

If you have puffy and red gums that bleed easily (even if they don’t hurt) - this could mean you have a gum infection, the fancy word for this is gingivitis.

If this is not treated it can turn into a more serious condition known as periodontitis which can lead to tooth loss and a very serious and painful infection.

5. Bad breath - say goodbye to those romantic kisses

Imagine you are on a first date with someone, everything is going so well, you get on, have the same interests and feel a spark!

But then, just as you are about to lean in for the kiss it smells like you are about to make out with a rotten leftover dinner that’s been in your fridge for weeks!

First and last date - right?

Bad breath happens from not seeing your dentist regularly and germs and bacteria continue to build up in your mouth.

6. Cavities - big holes in your teeth

When you get a hole in your tooth - these happen to everyone from bacteria and germs building up - these get bigger and bigger.

"When you get it fixed early - it is a quick and relatively affordable fix."

BUT - when you leave a cavity it can lead to tooth loss (which you already know), root canal (very costly and painful treatment) and other expensive treatments.

7. Tooth stains - no more pearly whites

All the bacteria and germs also add to teeth that are no longer white! Smoking and coffee can also turn those pearly whites into brown or yellow coloured chompers.

Here’s how to get affordable dental cover

Going to the dentist can be pricey - we know! Not only that, it is often seen as a hassle to visit the dentist regularly.

You’re not the only one who thinks your teeth are fine without checkups, or that black spot in your one tooth is kinda okay or that maybe you don’t need to get that toothache checked out if you just don’t chew on that side - right?


Here’s the thing…

Not going to the dentist can actually cost you more than going for regular check-ups.

Here’s how…

When you don’t get that black spot fixed, it might be a cavity - that cavity eats away at your tooth over time - this develops into an infection - when you finally have to go to the dentist for have this painful tooth removed and the infection treated - you will end up paying a small fortune!

But, if you had gotten it looked at when it was just a small black spot - it could have been fixed easily with fewer costs in medical care.

So, the longer you wait on issues - the more you pay.

Maybe you can’t afford medical aid and honestly - who can? But what if we told you that there was a MUCH CHEAPER alternative?

It’s called health insurance....

Oneplan (that’s us) offers you a range of health plans - each one of them covers dental care - what this means is that you can now afford to go to the dentist.

Here are our health plans -

  1. CORE: R 333 PM      

We pay up to R520 per visit.

  1. BLUE: R 625 PM       

We pay up to R525 per visit.


We pay up to R650 per visit

  1. EXECUTIVE: R 1034 PM

We pay up to R765 per visit

"Did we mention that we also pay you before you see the dentist?"

Sign up now for instant insurance with Oneplan - one minute to get insured, one minute to get paid.

Yours in health and great teeth,


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