5 signs your car might need a service - we asked our local mechanic




Here’s what you need to know - hint, an oil leak is one...

Not many of us know what signs to look for when it comes to getting our car in for a service, and who can blame us? We aren’t all mechanics…

But luckily, we asked our trusted local mechanic on what signs there are that tell you your car needs a service and by detecting these earlier...


"You might be able to save yourself some big bucks in repairs in getting your car fixed before some of these issues become big ones…"


Firstly, you should always take a look at your car manual to find out how regularly your car needs to be serviced. It is so important to get your car serviced according to these indicators as this can improve the value of your car when you want to sell it later on down the line...

But these 5 signs should be seen as emergency indicators that your trusty set of wheels is in some need of TLC…


1.  Oil leaks

There are a number of cars that suffer from oil leaks as you can see by the black stains on the floors of parking lots and fuel stations.

But the thing is…

Oil leaks are an issue that cannot be ignored.

Sometimes oils leaks are only a slight issue such as a leaking gasket, but they could also be a sign of a bigger problem and require a mechanic. Keep an eye out for any leaking oil underneath your engine or gearbox.


2. Smoking car exhaust

Another issue we see among a large number of cars on the roads in South Africa are smoking car exhausts.

When the smoke that comes out of your exhaust changes in colour (i.e. dark grey or black smoke), then this might be a sign that something is wrong with the engine of your car.

However, a small amount of black smoke coming from your exhaust occasionally when starting is no need for concern as this is commonly seen in cars. But there may be more of a problem if this black fume continues after your engine has warmed up, then this may be an issue.


"Someone call the mechanic!"


 3. Strange noises

No - your car is not trying to talk to you.

Sometimes our cars seem as though they are trying to communicate with us, but these strange noises are not healthy and are often a sign that you need to get a mechanic to look into what is causing them.

If you happen to hear a squealing, high-pitched sound when braking, this might indicate that you need new brake pads. There are a whole bunch of noises your car might make - but the best bet is to get them checked out.


4. Weird and unexplained vibrations

There are times when our cars might vibrate when driving over bumpy roads or other issues - let’s not start about the pothole issues in South Africa - but when your car starts to vibrate even on a flat road - then this is an issue.

It may be due to your tyre tread being worn down (this should always be checked as the min requirement is 1.6 mm), or a loose piece of plastic caught in your tyre of something more serious like an issue with suspension or brake discs.


5. Ignition issues

If you car struggles to start or if it starts and then comes to an abrupt halt, these may be issues with your battery, starter motor or other problems that a mechanic will have to fix.

Your car is your trusty steed, your means of transport to work and on weekends to braais and other great get togethers, it looks after you and you should only do the same in return.

Besides from making sure it is regularly serviced and knowing what warning signs to look for - you should also make sure that you have reliable, honest and upfront car insurance that will cover you from breaking the bank when getting in a crash or when your car gets stolen.


Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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