The essentials for your car emergency kit




Everything you need to have in your car - because driving in SA is no joke!

We all know that being a driver in South Africa comes with its fair share of ‘trying’ times and various difficulties…

From the potholes that never seem to get fixed, to dodging those race-car taxis and of course, let’s not forget the neverending roadworks, and that’s not even mentioning what happens when you are involved in a fender bender (you should really make sure you have car insurance for situations like this) or a get a flat tyre - the list goes on!

Regardless of whether you are a regular long-distance driver or simply rely on your trusty set of wheels to get you to work and back every day, it’s vital that you have a car emergency kit - this kit can make the world of difference if you ever break down or suffer from car-related issues.


That’s why we have created this list which entails the essentials for your car emergency kit:

Car manual

This is a vital asset to keep in your cubby hole. There is a lot of value in this manual, as well as whole bunch of useful information. You can find all the basics you need to know about you car, from instructions on how to change light bulbs, fill up certain fluids such as oil and water and also how to maintain the correct tyre pressure.

Make sure that you always have your car manual in your car - at all times!

It will come in handy for quick fixes and any questions you might have about your car - which can even save you the time and money from having to call a professional.

The tools to change a tyre - jack, wrench and spare tyre

Check out our blog post on how to change a tyre and make sure that you have the correct tools you need for when you get a flat!

Your spare tyre, jack and wrench should always be kept in your boot for when you need them - believe us when we say - everyone has to change a tyre at some point.


First-aid kit

This is a pretty vital thing to always have in your car, because accidents can happen! Your child may become ill or you may be involved in an accident where you need the basic supplies of a first-aid kit. This kind of kit also comes in handy when you are on holiday and the cuts and bruises that can happen there.

You might not be able to solve all medical emergencies with this kit, but it will make sure that your bases are covered…


Here’s what your car’s first-aid kit needs to have:

●     Plasters

●     Plastic gloves

●     Antiseptic ointment

●     Bandages

●     Painkillers

●     CPR mouthpiece


You can made this kit at home or buy a ready made one from your local pharmacy.

You can take your first-aid knowledge and capabilities one step further by attending a first-aid course which will teach you some important skills on how to help people in accidents or other situations.

Torch, phone charger and reflective triangles

These seemingly insignificant items can be extremely handy in tough situations!

Having a torch and a phone charger should be no-brainers. Imagine you break down and your phone is dead and you are stuck on the side of the road with no help. If you break down at night, then a torch can light the way for changing a tyre or finding the issue in your car.

When you have to pull over for a flat tyre or your car has broken down, you will need a reflective triangle to be placed behind your vehicle roughly 20 to 45 meters behind it - this lets other drivers know your car is parked up ahead, especially if you are on a blind rise or hill.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables come in handy when you least expect them to! For example, everybody makes the mistake of leaving their lights on overnight and when you hop into your car about to leave for work in the morning - it won’t start.


Getting into a car that won’t start can be a pain in the boot!

Make sure you keep a working set of jumper cables in your boot and your manual should give you clear instructions on how to use them. You can buy a pair from your local hardware store or online and the prices range between R140 to R560.

Car insurance

This might not be classified as something that needs to be kept in your car, but it is something that can help keep your car in good shape, cover you for accidents and give you some surety when bad things happen - because they do. So if you don’t have it already, then make sure you get yourself an affordable and adjustable car insurance plan from Oneplan.

The truth is, these sorts of situations can happen to anyone and although a number of us may think we won’t ever be stuck in tricky scenarios such as breaking down, dead battery or a flat tyre, it helps to be prepared.

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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