How to claim for your vet bills with the Oneplan app




It’s as easy as 1. 2. Paid!

Here’s the deal…

We know that the process of filing claims after taking your sick little Stripes to the vet can be a grueling, frustrating and tiemous one. And in all honesty, who has the time?

If you are one of the on-the-ball pet owners out there and have taken out a pet insurance policy through Oneplan, then you will know just how great it is to GET PAID BEFORE YOU SEE THE VET as the funds are quickly loaded onto your Onecard!

The great thing about our tech-savvy Oneplan app, is that our paperless claims process is one that is simple, easy to use and efficient…


Here’s how to process your vet bills through the Oneplan app:

1. Download the Oneplan app

  • If you don’t already have our trusty app downloaded on your phone, then simply go to your Google Play or Apple Store on your phone. Search for the Oneplan App and download it.


2. Login with your policy number as your username and password

  • If you don’t have a password, click on Forgot Password and one will be sent to you) or follow the registration process


3. Select “Load Claim” on the home page 

  • Once selecting load claim, select the benefit you want to claim for


4. Get paid and get swiping!

  • Swipe and pay at your vet as you would with a debit card. NO FEES. Just make sure you have your pin handy.


**How to reset your Onecard pin:

  1. Open the Oneplan app on your smartphone and login
  2. Select reset pin
  3. Select ‘My Cards’
  4. A sms will be sent to your mobile with your new onecard Pin Number
  5. Select the card number you wish to reset
  6. Keep it safe. You may immediately use your new pin.

Ask away!

Within your Oneplan App you can chat to any one of our friendly support staff if you have any questions regarding your policy or claims process. Saving you time spent on the phone and giving you even more time with your precious purring or barking furball!


Yours in paws,



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