We wanted to tell you why Oneplan is the best pet insurance - so we made a list…




5 reasons why Oneplan is the leading pet insurance for your furkid

If you are looking for quality pet insurance - then you are barking up the right tree!

The first moment your furkid came into your life, your heart was instantly filled with happiness, love and care for your little (or big) addition to your family.

It’s no secret that our pets are just that -  a part of our families, homes and hearts, and because of this, we all want the best for our little furballs of fluff, cuddles and love.

The second bit of truth to having a pet is the vet bills, which, can amount to quite the cost over time - vaccinations, routine care and not to mention the thousands of rands an accident can set you back.

Check out our post on the real costs of owning a pet - pretty scary stuff.

People have health insurance, so pet’s should have it too! It makes sense, right?

Instead of having to fork out a hefty bill after every visit to the vet, why not have your insurance help cover the costs?

The tricky bit often comes down to finding the right pet insurance for your pet and, let’s be honest, for your pocket.

Not all of us can afford a hefty premium every month to help cover the costs of vet bills.


We are all looking for cover that gives us the best bang for our buck, and more importantly, pet insurance that is simple and honest in allowing us to know and understand exactly what we are covered for.

Well, our paw-loving pals, we have great news for you - the search for the perfect pet insurance is over!

That’s right, spread the news, tell your friends, family and colleagues, because you have found it - the pet insurance you have dreamed of… Oneplan.

Ok, we know what you might be thinking - “I’m sure every pet insurance provider says that they are the best?” And, you may be right - they do say that, but without the solid reasons as to why...

So, to help to convince you as to why we believe we are truly the leading pet insurance brand, we have put together a simple list of reasons…


This is it - the list to trump all lists…

5 reasons why Oneplan should be YOUR pet insurance provider…

1. Get paid BEFORE you see the vet

Forget everything you know about pet insurance - forget about waiting for claims to be processed, forget about waiting for the money to come through for a claim, days, if not weeks after you had to pay the vet - because with Oneplan - we pay you before you see the vet.

How is this possible?

With our unique Onecard…

All you have to do is upload your claim on our app or online self-service portal and the funds will be transferred onto your Onecard within seconds!

You then swipe your Onecard at the vet as you would a debit card, using your pin - and voila! Payment made.


2. More cover for your money

The thing is - there are a number of pet insurance providers who offer you a very low premium for your pet insurance, but what they don’t tell you is that you are covered for A LOT LESS than you may have thought.

That isn’t the case with Oneplan.

Our range of plans offer you more cover for the cost of your monthly premium. This means that the monthly premium of your chosen plan will cover you for more compared to other insurance companies.

Thus, saving you money.


3. Paperless claims and tech savvy app

Gone are the days of trying to find the paper receipt from the vet and try to process this through your insurance provider, not to mention the pages of forms you have to fill in by hand just to submit ONE claim!

With Oneplan, our easy-to-use app allows you to process your claim digitally within seconds.

But, wait...there’s more!

Our Oneplan app also allows for you to:


  • Upload and view claims
  • Access your policy information
  • Update any personal info



4. Easiest sign up - ever

We don’t believe in hassle, that’s why we hustle to make your life easier with our simple, to the point and easy sign up process.

We like to think that our sign up process is the easiest one out there, don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself...


5. More time to spend with your furkids

It’s simple - we make pet insurance simple.

And because of that…

You get to spend less time finding that right pet insurance (that’s us), signing up over tedious processes (we don’t do that) sorting through and filing claims paper claims (nope, not us) and waiting for funds for claims (you get paid before you see the vet with us - but you know this already) - and what this all comes down to is….


More time to spend with your furkid. Because, that’s what really matters.


So, if the above list hasn’t convinced you that we are in fact, the best choice for your pet insurance, then we’re not sure what will convince you otherwise. BUT - if you think that we are the right insurance provider for you and your pet - then why not take a gander at our range of plans right now.


Yours in paws,


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