The truth about why you can’t afford NOT to have car insurance




3 reasons that will change the way you look at car insurance

Here’s the deal:

70% of drivers on the roads in South Africa DON’T have car insurance

According to the stats, at the end of February 2017, there were 12 027 860 registered vehicles in South Africa, that means that a total of 9 MILLION drivers do not have car insurance!

These uninsured drivers are placing insured drivers at risk...

One of the biggest reasons for this lack of insurance is that people cannot afford to pay their monthly premiums or have cancelled their car insurance in an attempt to save money and think that…


“But, I am a good driver and won’t get in an accident.”


You couldn’t be more wrong with this way of thinking, and here’s why…

The following is a description of VERY REAL, VERY LIKELY scenarios that can happen and DO happen to a number of drivers every single day.

We list each scenario, the consequence and how you can avoid the negative outcomes…


Scenario 1 - The crash that’s your fault

Scenario - You drive into someone else’s car

The consequence - You have to pay for the damage.

If you do not have car insurance and you crash into someone else’s car and cause damage to the car, then YOU ARE LIABLE TO PAY FOR THIS DAMAGE.

The money you will have to pay to get the other drivers car fixed could amount to thousands of rands, and this isn’t taking into account how much you will have to pay to fix your own car.

Even if you crash into someone who has insurance, then that driver’s insurance will see you as the guilty party and will inform you of the amount you have to pay after getting a quote from the panel beaters. If you don’t have insurance, then they will sue you in your personal capacity if you don’t pay.


How to avoid this - Don’t run this risk.

One of the most cost-effective plans for vehicle insurance is third party insurance. What this means is that you can claim for any damage that you have caused to another person’s property. However, this only covers the other person’s costs and not your own.


Scenario 2 - The stolen car

Scenario - Your car has been stolen

The consequence - You are 100% responsible for replacing your vehicle if you don’t have insurance.


"1 car is hijacked every 32 minutes in South Africa."


The stats on hijackings and theft in South Africa are more than enough to motivate someone to get car insurance.

Having to replace your car could leave you in a serious amount of debt, as well as this, you and your family will also be left without transport until you can afford to buy a new car.

What’s more…


If you were busy paying off your car, then your monthly repayments will continue even after it has been stolen.


How to avoid this - Get your car covered with comprehensive car insurance.

The best part about insuring your car through Oneplan, is that we let you choose the cover you want and at the cost you can afford. We can have you covered for a wide range of risks and accidents such as theft and hijackings - it really is your best bet.


Scenario 3 - Someone crashes into you

Scenario - An uninsured driver crashed into you


The consequence - If you are also uninsured, then you will have to pay for the legal costs of trying to claim for the costs of the damages from the other driver.

This often turns out to be an expensive and drawn out process as a number of drivers are unwilling to pay for the costs they owe, even if it was their fault.


How to avoid this - Get your car covered to ensure that you are paid out for damages.

It’s simple.

If an uninsured driver crashes into you, all you have to do is get their persona and vehicle details and send these to us - we will do the rest for you!


What’s the bottom line?

You may think that you are a good driver, that accidents won’t happen to you or that no one will steal your car, but the thing is…

Accidents do happen, other people can and will crash into you and your car might get stolen.

To save yourself from potential debt and financial burdens, insure your car through Oneplan, it only takes a minute to get insured through us, and the best part? We let you choose the cover you want and how much you want to pay ...


Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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