What is a pet hospital plan?




Everything you need to know about a Oneplan hospital plan for your pet

When your beloved pet becomes ill or is injured in an accident, you will do anything to help your furkid on his road to recovery. But sometimes this road comes with visits to the vet, emergency care and other astronomical costs - with bills running into tens of thousands!

That’s why pet insurance is so important…

Like car insurance or medical aid, the most vital reason for taking out insurance is that you will want to be covered in times of accidents and uncertainty so that unexpected and often large costs are covered for.

But not everyone can afford full comprehensive pet insurance for their furkids, and we get that. Comprehensive cover comes at a higher cost and being able to afford premiums such as these can be a trying task for most of us.

But fret not our fur-loving friends - Oneplan’s PET HOSPITAL PLAN offers you the vital cover you need from as little as R134 pm.


Here are the basics of what this plan offers you:

Accident Cover

*Up to R28 000. Excess: Months 1 to 6 – 25%, Months 7 and onwards – 10%.

Waiting period - Immediate


Illness Cover

*Up to R28 000. Excess: Months 1 to 6 – 25%, Months 7 and onwards – 10%.

Waiting period - 90 days


Kennel Fees (Due to owner experiencing unexpected health event only)

Up to R125 per day and up to R1 240 per event. Annual limit: R1 240 per insured pet.

Waiting period - 90 days


A little more information:

Max 8 pets per policy

10% Discount on second pet

R 121 (2nd pet)

5% discount for 3rd pet and per additional pet thereafter

R 115 (pet 3 to 6)

Maximum overall annual limit for cover R40 000


But just what does this all mean?

Let’s break it down for you….

What is accident cover?

The term ‘accident’ means a sudden, unexpected, unforeseen, unusual, unintended event which occurs at a specific time and place - the result of which incident requires immediate medical attention.

Basically, when your furkid is involved in a fight with another cat or dog or gets hit by a car and requires you to immediately rush him or her to the vet.

You must know that an accident is not considered injury or illness that resulted you taking your cat or dog to the vet a few days, weeks or months after the incident.

In order for your claim to be considered under Accident Cover, then your account or invoice will need to reflect a charge for an overnight stay at the vet, along with a procedure that would have been conducted for your furkid.

What are excess amounts?

The excess amount is the first amount payable by you when your claim is settled or paid out. Another way of explaining excess is that it is your contribution towards a claim.

So basically, when the claim is closed, there may be an excess amount you will have to pay if you are not covered in full.

BUT! With Oneplan you can add on an Excess Buster from R35 per policy per month -  to cover the excess charged by us for a claim.

What is illness cover?

Illness means any unforeseen sickness, illness or disease originating, contracted, commencing or first manifesting itself during the period of insurance. Should the illness or related condition reoccur within a six month period it will be deemed to be part of the initial illness and associated claim.


How do I get the cover that is owed to me?

Claims related to Accident and Illness Events will be refunded to your bank account.

Please note that our other pet insurance plans will allow for the funds to be pre-loaded onto your Onecard (which acts as a debit card) BEFORE you see the vet.

If you have selected a Oneplan Pet Hospital Plan, you will not be issued with a Onecard and claims will be refunded directly to your nominated bank account.

Have a look at our online brochure to find out more about how to claim.


What is a waiting period?

A waiting period is the period of time that must pass before your coverage can begin. Basically, your policy will not cover any costs during this period of time, so, if an accident or illness happens during the waiting period, that condition will not be covered by the policy.

Pet insurance may provide peace of mind for the times when your pet needs you most. We have a range of policies available to you and your furball of love, we suggest you take the time you need to find out which plan suits your pet and of course, your pocket.

Yours in paws,


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