You’re not as invincible as you think



So, here’s the thing – you may be young and in good health, but the truth is, no one is as invincible as they may feel. Maybe the worst thing you have had happen to your health is a bad flu that kept you in bed for a few days and this has left you thinking “I don’t need health insurance or medical aid.” We get it. But here are a few things you need to take into consideration before you shrug off medical aid entirely (trust us, you will want to read this)…

The need for private healthcare in South Africa

Whether we are young or old, a number of us view medical aid and health insurance as a grudge purchase, it is often an expense we can’t afford or just don’t want being debited off our bank accounts every month. The sad truth is that our Government healthcare system just doesn’t cut it in terms of providing quality services, leaving us to have to look to other healthcare options in the form of private healthcare.

But I thought medical aid or health insurance was only for old people?

Maybe you think that you don’t need medical aid or health insurance (have a look at our blog post explaining the difference between the two) and it’s something that you can look into getting when you are older, making more money and maybe have a few more health issues than your younger, fitter and healthier self may have now. Right? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Picture this - you’ve always been pretty healthy. You played sports in school. Don’t have any chronic conditions or ailments and consider yourself a generally strong individual when it comes to your immune system and body. Then, one morning, you feel a lump.

Or perhaps, you are driving on the highway and stop to help someone who has been severely injured after they were hijacked. When you are trying to help them, you are then shot and wounded. The problem now is that you don’t have medical aid and are forced to either foot some seriously big bills from private healthcare or end up in a state hospital bed.

No one plans on finding themselves in these sorts of situations, but they do happen…

Rise of dreaded diseases in younger people

Certain dreaded and chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and certain cancers used to mostly affect middle-aged people in their 40s and 50s, however, this is no longer the case. Rates of these conditions are skyrocketing among younger generations in South Africa and on a global scale.

Experts believe that younger people now have similar risks to those in their 40s and 50s as bad eating habits, smoking, drinking, sedentary living (i.e. playing computer games and not playing outside – yeah, we know you have heard this one before) and convenience foods containing too much junk are all major factors in decreasing the overall health of the general population.

Health insurance for less

At this point it becomes pretty clear why health insurance is something every one of us need, but what many of us don’t know is that the price of our health doesn’t have to cost us our happiness.

With so many health insurance and medical aid providers out there, it can be difficult to decide which one gives you the cover you need and at the cost you want. That’s where Oneplan comes in. If you cant afford medical aid, then Oneplan Health Insurance offers you an affordable alternative to medical aid with cover options for maternity, dentist and doctor visits, hospital care and so much more from as little as R333 a month. Have a look at our range of affordable and quality plans to fit your life and your wallet.

And did we tell you about our user-friendly app, which allows for hassle-free access to your plan, claims, cover, queries and so much more? Not to mention our Onecard which lets you process your claim amount through the app and we will load the funds onto your Onecard before you have to visit your healthcare provider.

Instead of you having to pay the doctor and then waiting weeks to get your money back, we pay you before you even see the doctor!

So, yes – you do need something to fall back on when it comes to your health, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in ensuring you are covered when it comes to medical costs.

Check out our website to see the kind of cover and costs that Oneplan Health Insurance has to offer – because even the invincible need insurance.

Yours in health,

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