Don’t be put on the naughty list this festive season - 8 bad driving habits to drop right now!


Jade Poole from I Write Words


The Silly Season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean your driving should be silly too!

Oh the holidays - the time where we finally get a chance to relax, breathe and even take a few days (or weeks for the lucky ones) off and enjoy some well-earned rest. What a year it has been!

But with the festive season comes spending a lot of time on the road, and in some cases, getting a little too into the holiday mode and even having ‘one for the road’ after lunch with friends. These are some bad habits that could cost you thousands in vehicle damages from an accident (believe me, your car insurance will not pay for accidents linked to drunk driving) and even your life - yes, it’s that serious.

We want you to have a good holiday season and not one that ends in tears, and what’s more, we obviously want you to stay on Santa’s ‘nice list’ and not the naughty one.

So here it goes, the 8 bad driving habits to drop right now…

1. Not having affordable car insurance

This one might seem pretty obvious, but not having car insurance when driving on our manic South African roads could cost you thousands in repairs. The roads are busier than ever during the festive season and there are reckless and even drunk drivers everywhere. Not just that, people are in a rush to get to their holiday destinations and more accidents are caused during this time of year compared to any other.

So do yourself a favour, get motor insurance through Oneplan and you can choose how much cover you want at the price you can afford. The best part is that the cover is comprehensive no matter how much cover you choose.

2. Just having ‘one for the road’

NO! This is just a straight up stupid decision. Don’t drink and drive, ever. Have a designated driver and have a good time if you want to, but NEVER get behind the wheel after drinking. If you cause an accident while under the influence, then your insurer will NOT cover you.

3. Leaving your phone at home

Never leave your house without having your phone on you, especially if you are alone. You will always need to have your phone on you in case of an emergency. Imagine getting in an accident and not having a phone to call anyone for help. Or if a loved one is trying to reach you and can’t.

4. Driving angry

It’s the holiday season (although you should never be an aggressive driver), you should be in ultimate relaxation mode.

Don’t drive in an aggressive manner, even if there are some idiots on the road, ignore them and carry on with your drive. Keep your cool and just know that it is NEVER worth it to lose your temper on the roads. Aggressive drivers are known to cause more accidents. So stay safe and drive cool.

5. Driving without a seatbelt on

This is just plain silly. You and ALL the passengers in your car need to have a seatbelt on. Buckle up - a seatbelt can mean the difference between life and death.

6. Pulling off at a dangerous spot

Actually pulling off anywhere on the road is not safe, unless it is a designated stop spot on the side of the road on your way to holiday, but even these can be sketchy.

Especially if you are a woman driving on your own, rather wait until you get to a fuel station to pull over and take a break. If you have a flat tyre, then drive slowly until you can get a safer spot. Don’t just pull over anywhere.

7. Not preparing for a road trip

Make sure your car is serviced, you have a spare tyre and the tools to change a tyre and a well-equipped car emergency kit.

8. Talking or texting while driving

Everyone should already know just how dangerous this is. The best thing to do is to get a hands-free kit or wait until you have stopped at a safe place to chat. It is also illegal to use your phone while driving just FYI.

Make sure you are safe out there this silly season and stay on the nice list - Santa and your safety will thank you!

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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