The ultimate road trip checklist for your car - 10 things you have to check before any trip!


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Keep you and your family safe on the roads this festive season.

December is here and road trip season is upon us! Schools are nearly closed, work is nearly over and we can feel the excitement of a well deserved holiday in the air.

If you are planning on taking a long road trip to get to your holiday destination, as so many of us are! Then we suggest you take some extra care on the busy roads.

Of course, how other drivers behave on the road is often out of your control, but there are some things you can control...

The best way to ensure the safety of your family and you is to do all the major checks on your vehicle at least 2 weeks before you hit the road on your trip. These 2 weeks will give you enough time for any work that needs to be completed.

Before you complete any of the below checks, have a look in your owner manual for your car and check to see if your car needs a service. Check out our article on - 5 signs your car might need a service.

Because we care about you and those closest to you (it’s why we offer car insurance that 100% flexible to you and your budget) we have put together an ultimate car checklist…

(Hint - some of these you may be able to do alone, others you will need the help of a qualified mechanic).

1. Lights

First things first, you need to make sure that all the bulbs on your car are working, drive around your driveway at night and make sure your indicators work and you headlights shine bright enough.

Make sure that your headlights are adjusted to the right height, giving you the correct viewing distance and not shining too high or low.

2. Tyres

You need to take your car into a mechanic and ensure that all the wheels are tightly fastened and your wheels are aligned.

Ask your mechanic to also check the tread of your tyres, legally they can be 1mm, but anything that is below 3mm will limit your tyres’ ability to function correctly.

Also, check to see if the tyres are evenly worn down in their tread, if they are uneven in their tread then this might be an indication of worn steering or an issue with suspension or wheel alignment.

Finally, you need to check that your spare tyre is there and in good condition. Also make sure that you have the correct tools to change a tyre if need be.

We wrote a great blog post on how to change a tyre, check it out, it will come in handy!

While checking the tyres, check to see if your suspension is still in good condition.

3. Wipers and windows

Your wiper blades need to be working well in case you hit a storm when driving. Bad wipers can make the world of difference when driving in bad weather. They need to be making a solid and clean sweep with each movement.

Next, make sure there are no chips in your windows or windscreen. Chips and cracks can reduce visibility and also compromise the ability of your windscreen to act as a shield in a car crash. PG Glass repairs chips and cracks at a great price.

4. Brakes

Check your brake fluid level.

Ensure that your brake discs, pads and drums are in working condition.

5. Battery

Test your car’s battery with a charge meter and see if it is delivering the correct charge.

6. Chains and belts

The chains and belts that are connected to your car’s fan, alternator and cam need to be in working order. Any broken belts or chains can cause major damage to your engine.

7. Keep it cool

The cooling system of your car is SUPER important. Make sure that the water pump and radiator are working and that the radiator caps seals, and that the coolant fluid is at the right level and clean.

8. Fluids and filters

All the major filters such as fuel, air and oil need to be clean and working well.

9. Car emergency kit

You need to make sure that you have a kit with jumper cables, fit aid items and some other vital things - all of which we simply list in this article - The essentials for your car emergency kit.

10. Car insurance

Car insurance can save you a whole heap of money when you get in an accident. Picture this, you are sitting at a stop street in a town you don’t really know on holiday and someone drives straight into the back of you and then drives off. Without insurance, you are left with a dent in your wallet and a dent in your car this festive season. We know how expensive it is to go on holiday - make sure your car doesn’t cost you too!

Yours in uncomplicated car insurance,


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