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The healthcare visits to expect when you're expecting (who to visit and why)

Finding out you're expecting is a very exciting and scary thing to go through. From planning for your little one to arrive, buying the things you need like nappies, clothes and other important things - it is all quite a lot to process!

And then there’s the doctors, yes doctorS, there are a number of different specialists and doctors any woman should go to when she is pregnant.

Your body is changing as you are growing a little human being inside of you. That means you need expert advice and guidance to make sure that everything is going to plan and to make arrangements for if it isn’t.

Of course, being able to afford to go to a doctor comes with a big price tag, that’s why health insurance (the affordable alternative to medical aid) is here to help you afford access to private healthcare.

Oneplan (that’s us) want the best for you and your little one, that’s why we offer you health insurance that comes with amazing maternity benefit and cover for specialists and even pays your BEFORE you see the doctor of your choice. It’s insurance for the things that matter most, and having a baby is one of those things.

Now, let’s get into the list of what kind of healthcare you can expect when you're expecting…


An OB-GYN, or obstetrician-gynecologist, is a doctor who specialises in women's health. This doctor is your most important when pregnant. He or she will be your very first check up when you find out you are pregnant and your first when your baby is born. Your right hand through the whole process.

An OB-GYN will also be able to help you with any questions you might have (it’s okay to have a lot - it’s better to know the answer to something than to always wonder about it) and will be your expert guide through pregnancy.

It’s important that you choose an OB-GYN that you feel comfortable with, someone who can take away your stress and nerves and help you along the ride of pregnancy.

Luckily, if you have health insurance with Oneplan, we don’t have a specified list of doctors you can choose from, we let you go to any doctor or specialist of your choice.


If you are choosing to have a natural birth, then you will most certainly need a midwife. A midwife is basically your coach. This person will talk you through your birthing process and will be there right by your side through the entire experience.

Giving birth is no joke and it is a very painful and sometime long experience, so having someone there who knows how to keep you calm and knows exactly what is going on with your body will be a big help in helping you to get through the process and experience of childbirth.

Lactation (breastfeeding) specialist

When you are pregnant, milk will begin to build up in your breasts, which is in preparation for the big day - the arrival of your sweet little one. 

Once you have given birth, you should be able to feed your baby and that is what a lactation specialist will do.

A number of women find it difficult to breastfeed their newborn baby, they struggle to get their baby to latch onto their nipple and are not sure how to hold and support their baby when feeding. This can often be very stressful for new moms! That’s why a lactation specialist will prepare you for how to feed your baby, how to hold him or her and how to get your newborn to latch on.

Antenatal classes

The aim of these classes is to help you (and your partner) prepare you for labour, birth, and parenthood. Things like giving birth, how to put your baby to sleep how to create a routine for feeding and sleeping and how to look after your little one are all areas that are covered in most prenatal classes.


If you are reading this and pregnant, we hope that this has helped set your mind at ease and prepare you in terms of the healthcare you need. If you are planning to have a child in the future, then make sure you have health insurance to help cover the costs.

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