Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: a Natural Form of Medical Insurance




Medical Insurance
As one of South Africa’s top providers of affordable medical health insurance plans, we strive to work hard with healthcare industry professionals in order to better understand the health conditions that affect South Africans, and what can be done to help make us healthier as a nation. One factor that greatly affects the health of many South Africans, and therefore the country’s medical insurance industry itself, is lifestyle.

Even though affordable medical health insurance plans are available, prevention is better than cure, and that’s why every South African needs to take responsibility over their own lifestyle choices in order to stay healthy. The good news? While exercise and healthy eating are always advisable, you could start by just getting more sleep! Here are a few reasons to get a little more shut-eye, and the surprising health benefits.

Better Health

While a good night’s sleep won’t make you immune to disease, studies have shown time and time again that insufficient sleep is linked to conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Better Sex Life

A study done by the USA’s National Sleep Foundation discovered that 26% of people believe their sex lives suffer because of fatigue. In men, insufficient sleep has been linked to lower testosterone levels, a key hormone in regulating sex drive.

Natural Pain Relief

Chronic or acute pain, whether from a recent injury or long-term condition, can actually be relieved by getting enough sleep. Several studies have shown a link between sleep loss and lowered pain thresholds, so sleep can actually supplement pain medication to an extent.

Better Weight Control

Getting a good night’s sleep can help you in maintaining your weight, and sleep loss, conversely, carries with it the risk of weight gain. The reasons are partly behavioural: being overtired means you’re less likely to exercise and more likely to make easy (and probably unhealthy) food choices.

Stronger Immunity

Some recent tests have shown that people who get seven hours or less of sleep per day, were almost three times as likely to come down with colds as those who got eight hours or more. When the body is well rested, all functions are enhanced, and this includes your natural immune system.

Better Memory

If you’re always feeling forgetful, sleep loss could be the cause! Neurologists have proven that when we sleep, the memories of the preceding day are processed and consolidated, ready for retrieval whenever we need them. Interruptions to the sleep pattern, or insufficient sleep time, can cause the memories to not be stored correctly, therefore making people more forgetful

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