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In today’s modern society of technology, is it estimated that the average person spends up to eight hours a day staring at a screen. It could be said that given these statistics, it would be wise to invest in an affordable Health Insurance to treat potential eye damage later in life, but is it actually true that screens cause damage?

While there is ongoing debate about whether digital devices can cause permanent damage to the eye, what is generally agreed upon, is that at the very least, staring at computer screens causes eye strain and discomfort – this is known as computer vision syndrome.

Anyone working behind a computer screen all day will be familiar with the itchy eyes, blurred distance vision and head and neck pains that have become part and parcel of the job. These symptoms alone may be enough to entice you into considering an affordable Health Insurance.

But what of the long term effects to your sight?

Every screen on an electronic device gives off what we call ‘blue light’. This high energy visible (HEV) light emitted by electronic devices has the potential to cause retinal injury. Especially after years of exposure.

Long-term exposure to HEV has been associated with a condition called macular degeneration, one of the major causes of permanent eye loss in adults older than 50.

So how can you avoid damage to your retina?

  • 1. Always maintain a healthy distance from your computer screen. Avoid hunching to get closer to the screen. If you find yourself leaning closer to your screen, your eyes are clearly fatigued and need a rest. It’s also not the best posture for your back. The same applies when using your smartphone or tablet. The further the distance your eyes are from the screen, the less the risk of damage.
  • 2. Giving your eyes a rest. One simple way of letting your eyes relax is to look at something in the distance. Looking into the distance will also cause a blinking reflex which lubricates the surface of your eyes.
  • 3. Finally, consult an eye care professional about glasses or contact lenses that protect your eyes from blue light. Oneplan provides health insurance in Johannesburg which will cover a portion of the cost, under the optometry cover benefit, necessary for eye health care assistance.

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